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Snake Plants

Snake Plants

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Snake Plants are one of the easiest houseplants to care for. A great plant for both green or black thumb alike, snake plants are a wonderful option for beginner plant parents and a favorite choice to give as a housewarming gift. known for their beautiful large, normally two-tones leaves, snake plants can occasionally produce fragrant, greenish-white flower clusters that appear on tall spikes.

Planting and Care:

  • Plant in a pot with good drainage.
  • Use well-draining soil. Potting mix that is designed for succulents is ideal.
  • Snake plants like bright, indirect light and can also tolerate some direct sunlight. They will also grow (slowly) in shady areas of the home.
  • Keep in a warmer area, above 50°F. In the winter, be sure to keep away from drafty windows.
  • Do not over water or water too frequently. Allow the soil mostly dry out between waterings. Snake plants are actually a type of succulent and over watering can cause problems like root rot.
  • Use a soft damp cloth to wipe any dust or soil from the large flat leaves.
  • When we’ll kept, snake plants can grow quickly and may need to be divided annually.
  • Divide and repot in spring. To do so, cut a section containing both leaves and roots and place in a separate pot.
Snake plants, along with spider plants and peace lilies, are said to be very effective air purifiers. Breathe easy!